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Ecological gabion gabion manufacturers adjustment

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Ecological gabion gabion manufacturers adjusted, Anping - Techwell stone cage net factory production.

The application of the ecological cage net box to the bad environment

The construction method of ecological cage net box is suitable for high velocity, serious erosion and gentle river bank with more water seeping on the bank slope. The stone cage is a flexible structure, which has good self adjustment for uneven subsidence. Shore surface porous stone, the gap between to animal habitats, plant growth, above the waterline of the stone cage surface can be vegetation ecological considerations and safety requirements using soil bag.

The ecological planning of the eco grid gabion mesh factory advantage:

1. The flexible planning can not be damaged by the change of the slope, and it has a very good safety and stability compared with the rigid plan.

2, the ability to resist scour is strong, and can withstand the maximum flow rate of 6m / S.

3, the plan has a permeable nature, the natural effect of groundwater and the filtering effect has a strong inclusive, suspended matter and silt to be accumulated in the filling of cracks in water, and is conducive to the natural growth of plants, and gradually restore the original ecological environment.

The eco grid corrosion resistant high strength low carbon high galvanized steel wire or 5% aluminum zinc rare earth alloy coating steel wire (or homogeneous polymer coated wire), the machinery will be woven into double stranded twisted hexagonal shape, multi mesh mesh, the double hinge part length should be less than 5cm, with no protective coating damage of steel wire.

Ecological ecological cage gabion gabion mesh manufacturers because of its large volume and weight, the stability of good and is often used in slope protection, the harsh environment of the water jet and wind wave exploration bottom protection engineering. It is necessary to check its stability in view of its constant effect of large earth thrust.

Green concrete or ecological concrete or can grow herbs that is useless: concrete, gravel and cement as raw materials according to a certain proportion of water mixing, with the pressure forming mechanism of concrete block with pores, and then filled in the pore of the growth of the plants and materials in the coagulation chenjiayuan surface vegetation finally, the vegetation root soil in concrete block to block below, green concrete has to protect the environment and restore the ecological conditions, maintained the original protection features. In order to meet flood control and drainage and achieve the purpose of ecological restoration and approaching the environment of affinity and affinity, P is an ecological technology that creates natural rivers. This technology originated in Japan, and in the developed countries, the ecological revetment has gradually become the mainstream of protection engineering.

Engineering practice has proved that when the vegetation root of greening is very suitable for vegetation protection, and when the root system penetrates the concrete and fully grows into the soil, it will take about 5 times the strength of the block's self weight to kill the block of greening concrete vegetation revetment on the vertical slope. This shows that the root system has the function of money and solid, and the roots of the plant increase the protective effect of the greening concrete block to the soil, and the stone cage net can increase the stability of the bank slope.

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