Slope protection method for stone cage protection network
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Slope protection method for stone cage protection network

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The technology of the protection net of stone cage has four advantages:

First, the construction is simple, the stone cage protection net technology only needs to seal the stone into the cage, and does not need special technology, nor does it need water and electricity.

Two, long service life, stone cage protection network service life for several decades, and generally do not have to repair. It is precisely because of this, the berm project, the Huangshi section of the Yangtze River in Taihu flood control levee protection project, the Three Gorges Three Doo revetment projects have adopted this technology.

Three, the cost is low, the ecological gabion cost per square meter of only 10 yuan.

Four. The effect of landscape and protection is good. The combination of engineering measures and plant measures can effectively prevent soil and water loss. The effect of landscape is fast, and the landscape effect is more natural and richer.

The compressive strength is high: according to the test data from abroad, the compressive strength of the stone cage net structure (after filling the stone) is 300 ~ 400t / m2.


The permeability is strong: the pore between the stone cage protection net or the stone in the net cushion creates the condition for water flow, which can effectively solve the influence of pore water pressure and facilitate the stability of the bank (embankment, road and mountain) slope.


Long service life: gabion mesh by double anticorrosive processing, strong antioxidant, corrosion resistant, aging resistance, long service life.


Strong adaptability: the revetment technology of the stone cage protection net takes the steel wire cage as the main body, and it is a flexible structure, which can adapt to all kinds of soil properties and combine with them better. It can well adapt to the foundation deformation, and will not weaken the overall structure, and is not easy to fracture and destroy.


The structure is strong as a whole: the net cage of the stone cage is woven into a double twisted pair and a honeycomb shaped hole mesh. Even if one or two wires are broken, the mesh will not be loosened. There are other materials that can not be replaced by extensibility, large surface (body) assembly, no slit, and strong integrity.


Green environment, maintain the ecological: the stone cage nets surface to shed a layer of soil or natural sedimentary soil, can grow grass and other green plants, to achieve the combination of engineering measures and plant measures, but also beautify the landscape, forming a flexible whole armor, construction of natural ecological recovery. The gap between structural filler can maintain natural exchange function between soil and water, and at the same time, it is also conducive to plant growth and achieve the unity of soil and water conservation and natural ecological environment.


The construction is simple: according to the design intention, the semi finished products are made in the factory, and the construction site can be assembled into various shapes.


The cost is low: the unit price of the masonry for the protection net of the stone cage is lower than the single price of the masonry.

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