Steel wire mesh and screen the mine
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Steel wire mesh and screen the mine

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Crimped wire mesh and commonly known as steel wire mesh. Is crimped wire mesh series products adopt high quality steel wire woven. Mainly used for highway fence, the border line of the isolation network, road network of green belt protection, protective equipment, sports venues fence, building plaster net, can be used for construction, roads, bridges reinforced with can be used to protect and support the seawall, slope, Luqiao, reservoir and other civil engineering, is the flood control and the flood of good material. It can also be used for handicraft manufacture, high grade environmental protection garbage canister and sound box net cover. Breeding rabbits, goose, duck, chicken and zoo enclosure.

Crimped wire mesh barbed wire mesh series, net width, wire diameter, corrosion resistance and long service life, use a wide range, mainly used in civil engineering batch of cement, machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belt protection net. It can also be used for building, highway and bridge for reinforcement.

Mine screen

The screen is mine screen used in various types of materials compiled by use of a mine mining.

Screen mesh material: low carbon steel wire, high manganese steel wire, stainless steel wire.

Mine screen classification: stainless steel welding type mine screen, vibration screen, slotted sieve, cylindrical net, sieve, sieve, anisotropic mesh, high strength polyester mesh, griddle mesh, sieve, sieve basket, welding type vibration screen, cylinder, filter tube, arc screen, centrifugal screen etc..

The characteristics of screen network: easy leakage, wear and corrosion resistance. The mesh cross section is a trapezoid. The gap is narrow and wide. Is a cold rolled stainless steel wire screen, support the automatic production equipment and welding net screen, screen uniform, stable welding quality, high hole rate, long service life, high strength, stiffness and bearing capacity of rigid screening filter device can be made into various shapes.

Screen mesh use: widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, chemical, food, salt, environmental protection and other industries. Sieving liquid, powder and other materials. Oil, chemical, metallurgical, mine, medicine purification, drilling fluid purification and so on.

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