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Price of razor rope fence

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Analysis of wire fence specifications thorn blade, special Xiaobian remind you: the razor wire is one of the most economical and effective protective measures, so what is the razor wire? Let's tell you a little bit.

Razor use rope fence on the Internet is also called barbed wire barbed wire, barbed wire, barbed wire, commonly known as the barbed wire. With high quality low carbon steel wire as material made up of fully automated rope pricking machine, there are two methods of making single wire twisting and double wire twisting. Barbed wire according to different surface treatments of electric galvanized barbed wire, galvanized barbed wire, coated with barbed wire, barbed wire Aluminum Alloy. It is characterized by low cost, easy installation, good isolation and protection, and suitable for large area use. Netting fence has been widely used in many countries such as private villas, industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border guards, military fields, banks, prisons, detention houses, banknote printing factories, military aircraft, government buildings and other national safety facilities. It can also be used for the isolation and protection of construction sites, grasslands, borders, railways and highways.

Razor rope fence

Aluminum barbed wire is a new product just listed, its surface covered with a layer of aluminum, which is also called al. Everyone knows that aluminum is not rusty, so the surface aluminizing can greatly improve the anticorrosion ability and make it life longer. The use of barbed wire is applied to plant area, private villa, residential building, first floor, site, bank, prison, banknote printing plant, military aircraft, bungalow, low wall, etc.

The blade thorn rope protection net selects excellent low carbon steel wire and stainless steel plate line. The production way is punching and forming. The steel wire with strong tension is used as core wire. The blade is made of sharp corner plate or stainless steel sheet, which plays an excellent barrier protection role.

Professional manufacturer of razor wire, razor barbed wire is usually used for prison barrier protection, sharp blade and steel wire buckle installed after a belly like a snake, looks beautiful and let the people to prevent shiver all over though not cold, excellent, deterrent effect, is a new kind of barrier to a strong commodity very good than the fence protection usually, price is not expensive, so the blade barbed wire fence is widely used, is also widely used in commodity, to guard the border post barrier barrier protection, heavy military alert area, railway, road fence, shelter and other places of the private protective barrier enclosure, warehouse, usually the plant fence, campus stadium fence does not use such goods, the fence and frame fence.

Blade barbed wire fence bracket device is simple, only need to use equipment to support the blade, blade barbed rope is fixed on the wall or mesh, which is a device most often, on the basis of goods is not the same, not the same terrain can be used as the device, if there is demand, our factory can be sent professional and technical personnel guidance device. Razor wire fence goods variety in a spiral blade, flat blade, blade, interspersed with straight blade network, our factory is specialized in producing hard barbed wire fence, wrought iron fence, is to guarantee the quality of goods, the most reasonable price, I plant the production of goods have been sold all over the country, praised by users welcome to the needs of users, to come to consult the discussion.

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