Wire Rope Barriers Cable Safety Systems
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Wire Rope Barriers Cable Safety Systems

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Cable guardrail barrier system is a flexible guard railing system to provide good safe guard in open areas. This barrier system composed with chiefly hot dipped galvanized steel wire strands, steel posts and terminals offering excellent rust resisting and corrosion resisting property.

This type of wire rope safety barrier is a kind of highway fence keeping vehicles within the limits of correct way. The wire cable barrier is made with three, four, five or six high tensile steel wire ropes, firmly mounted on the steel post at certain spacing to form a flexible guard barrier. The more number of the wire cables, the much strength the barrier offers.

Compared to the corrugated steel highway guardrail beams, the cable barrier costs less and the installation is much easier. It serves as an effective high barrier for absorbing most sudden impact energy during collision and also for redirection of errant vehicles.

Compared with beam guardrails, using wire cable barrier offering the following benefits:

Less metal material used, low cost;

Easy to install and repair;

Cable tension can be adjusted by changing of wire cable numbers and spacing;

Post space can be adjusted;

Work effectively;

Good looking for open scenic spots.

Terminal Sections for Wire Cable Barrier System: 
Cable barrier system is composed with wire cables, posts and terminal end. The terminals serve in the system to hinder the uncontrolled vehicles running off the road effectively.
Types of Terminals:
Two types according to surface treatments: Hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated. Both finishes can ensure anti-rust and anti-corrosion property, while the pvc coating can give you more option of colors.

Installing of Cable Guardrails: Both easy and flexible. 
There are two ways for fixing and installing the wire cables to the terminal ends:
One is using a special engineered terminal bracket for holding three or four cables, and the bracket will be fixed to the ground firmly by anchors.
The second is to fasten the wire rope directly to the barrier post fixed with fittings.

 Cable Barrier system 

* Flexible guarding- more save 
* Less usage of Metal - less cost 
* Easy to install - Less maintainance

Cable barrier system is a flexible guardrailing syestem to provide better safe guard in open area, with following advantages over W section guardrail:

Cable Rope Fence high tensile stength Primary Competitive Advantages Well and high Quality Control.

Cable Rope Fence widely used high tensile stength according to customers’requirements Primary Competitive Advantages Well and high Quality Control Promopt Delivery Small Order Accepted.

Application: Preventing the second time hurting to the driver and passenger in the following sites: 
---used for the sides of highway, railway, bridge
---used for the safety of airport, port and wharf
---used as the safety measure for roads of scenic zone and hilly area .

 Three Major Factors Determining the Efficiency of Cable Barriers: 

First, cable numbers:
Three of four cables are commonly used. Five or six layer wire cables are used for reinforced guard railings. Generally, more cables, the higher ability to redirect the errant vehicles.
Second, spacing of wire cables and posts:
The barrier post often installed with spacing from 6.3 to 32.6 ft. The longer spacing normally means the higher deflection distance.
Thirdly, tensioning:
Cables are fixed on the post and tightened to specific tension in accordance with the local temperature and environment. After tensioning, the reflection will be reduces and the ability to preventing vehicles from skidding off the road can be enhanced. Normally the tensions values range approximately from 2,000 to 9,000 lb.

Wire Cable Guardrail Specifications: 

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Cable Barrier


High tensile steel

Surface Treatment:

Hot dipped galvanized

Cable Diameter


Wire Construction

Twisted Wire. 3×7

Zinc coating thickness

Cable Tensile Range

Cable Numbers

100 g/m2 Min. or custom

2,000 to 9,000 lb.

3, 4, 5, 6 or custom

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